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Some of our well-connected clients

Whether you're a doctor looking to build your practice by reaching out to more patients or a manufacturer wanting to showcase your products, Moonlight Productions can help you build your web presence. Here's some of the sites we've developed.

Heat Treat Equipment website

Client: Heat Treat Equipment, Canton, Mich.
About the site: Heat Treat Equipment is a new company but its owners have years of experience in the heat treat equipment industry. They wanted their website to reflect that. The company sells used heat treat furnaces and related equipment. The website was developed to look attractive, reflecting a design created for other marketing materials, and be easy to navigate among the hundred or so pieces of equipment listed on the site. Each piece of equipment got its own page, with a photo slideshow when available, and a downloadable PDF spec sheet.
Address: www.heattreatequip.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Aerocape Landscaping Inc.

Client: Aeroscape Landscaping Inc., Pinckney, Mich.
About the site: Aeroscape's website was old and outdated. It was designed back when people were using 14-inch or smaller, analog monitors to browse the web. The owner wanted something new and contemporary that focused on his core business - revitalizing and renovating existing residential landscaping. We gave the site a new, fresh look and widening it out from 600 pixels to 1,000 pixels wide to better suit today's high-resolution LCD monitors.
Address: www.aeroscape.net
Designer: Steve Pepple

Steve Pepple Photography

Client: Steve Pepple Photography, Ann Arbor, Mich.
About the site: Steve Pepple Photography is a a subsidiary of Moonlight Productions. The company offers a variety of photography services, including wedding and high school senior portraiture, as well as commercial photography. The site includes several Flash-based photo slideshows.
Address: stevepepple.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Frosty Products Frostyogurt

Client: Frosty Products, Plymouth, Mich.
About the site: Frosty Products has had a long presence in the United States with its Frostyogurt products. When the company decided to go international, it came to Moonlight Productions looking for a site to market its products to international investors. The site uses a combination of traditional html-based pages with some Flash and video.
Address: frostyogurt.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Blue Heron Sprinkler

Client: Blue Heron Sprinkler, Fort Myers, Fla.
About the site: Blue Heron installs and maintains irrigation and sprinkler systems, as well as providing landscaping and other lawn services. The company had an existing web site that was only partially complete and out-of-date. It came to Moonlight Productions looking for a brochure site that would look good and be easy to navigate.
Address: blueheronsprinkler.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Municipal Supply & Sign Co.

Client: Premier Furnace Specialists, Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich..
About the site: Premier Furnace Specialists manufactures furnaces and thermal processing equipment for the heat treating industy. The company had an existing web site that lacked a professional look and was difficult to navigate. It came to Moonlight Productions looking for a more elegant but simpler look.
Address: premierfurnace.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Municipal Supply & Sign Co.

Client: Municipal Supply & Sign Co., Naples, Fla.
About the site: Municipal Supply & Sign Co. is a Flordia-based supplier of road signs and related items that is aiming to move from a regional to a national customer base. This is a large e-commerce style site in which customers can place items in a shopping basket and then submit a request for quote.
Address: municipalsigns.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Paulturke.com screenshot

Client: Dr. Paul W. Turke, Ann Arbor, Mich.
About the site: Dr. Paul Turke is a pediatrician and anthropologist with a medical practice in Ann Arbor and Chelsea, Mich. He is in the process of writing a book "Bringing Up Baby" that explores how evolution theories should play into modern medical practices. He wanted a site that was simple, yet elegant.
Address: paulturke.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Municipal Supply & Sign Co.

Client: Turke & Thomashow Pediatrics, Ann Arbor-Chelsea, Mich.
About the site: Turke & Thomashow Pediatrics wanted a web site to reach out to both new and existing patients in the Ann Arbor-Chelsea, Michigan, area. The web site using CSS (cascading style sheets) to "float" the main photograph on most of the pages. Much of the artwork is original photographs by designer/photographer Steve Pepple.
Address: annarborpediatrics.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

Wheaton Construction & Development Services

Client: Wheaton Construction & Development Services Inc., Howell, Mich.
About the site: Wheaton Construction & Development Services is a general construction company headquartered in Howell, Mich., with a service area spanning several states. The site includes a Flash introduction and a Flash-based photo slideshow.
Designer: Steve Pepple

Dive Travel Services

Client: Dive Travel Services, Farmington Hills, Mich.
About the site: Dive Travel Services is an individually owned, full-service travel agency that specializes in scuba diving and adventure trips. The site was designed for regular updates and expansion. The color scheme chosen for the site was meant to give it a beachy, islander feel. The set of slides at the top left change for every page. The site includes a search engine, constantly updated weather information, a popup window calendar and a trip insurance page that is seamlessly linked to the insurance company's site.
Address: divetravelservices.com
Designer: Steve Pepple

laurabetzig.org screenshot

Client: Laura Betzig, Ann Arbor, Mich.
About the site: Laura Betzig is an anthropologist and historian who has published several books and numerous papers and articles. She wanted a site that was simple, yet elegant, and that would spotlight her works without appearing presumptuous or vain.
Address: laurabetzig.org
Designer: Steve Pepple