How To Get Good Lighting In A Room

Good interior and exterior lighting fixtures should be part of every home’s landscaping plan. Good planning should start at the foundation: the garden or landscaping. You have a lot of flexibility in arranging the plants and trees you want to use in your yard or garden, but the lighting you will use needs to follow some basic principles even if it’s custom lighting. The three-point lighting system is one of the simplest to use and provide good outdoor lighting. Three-point lights are often used as spotlights, providing accent lighting, and to illuminate smaller areas. Here are some other options for how to get good indoor lighting:

Spotlights. This type of lighting is most effective when you position them high enough to provide accent light or task lighting from several different angles, which can be done by installing several three-point lights. This is also a great option if you would like to create a mood in the room by using three or four different colors of light fixtures. Simply position the lights so that they make a U-shape, pointing downwards so that the light is centered above the area you want to illuminate.

Recessed lighting. If you’re going to use lights in a room, you can install recessed lighting. A free course at the American Electrical Association’s (AA) site offers a lot of information about this type of lighting and how to install it. This option is less expensive than other options, and can create a more uniform and balanced glow than other options.

Video lighting. Video lighting can be installed right above or below a window. By mounting the lights up and over the window frame, you can illuminate the window and get a good view of your garden or driveway. You can even mount the lights inside the home by placing them inside a clear acrylic case. To get the most from three-point lighting, you can combine it with fluorescent lights or track lighting.

Webcam lighting. Using a web cam to film your property will allow you to control the light that goes out, so you can create a mood in the room or illuminate an object or accent. You might want to set the cam to a fixed color, or have the red of your red light on in the room. Another option is to have the camcorder automatically switch off your TV when the cam detects no activity for twenty minutes. This type of free course at the American Electrical Association’s site gives lots of tips and hints, and shows how to install the video lighting correctly.

Three-point lighting. For the best effects, you should combine three-point lighting with fluorescent lights, because it will create a warmer light, which creates a more natural effect. You should also follow the advice in the free course at the American Electrical Association’s site to set up the three lights correctly, as discussed there.